Training & Certification
We deliver safety, rescue and occupational training based on your current occupation
Find the best quality rescue equipment suited perfectly to all branches of response and rescue
Contract Services
USA Rescue Network offers contact services created specifically for your group or company
USA Rescue Network is always looking for individuals that fit our mission and want to help us keep others safe
Our online safety and awareness courses

We are North America’s most experienced rescue and safety training provider. Our Master Rescue Instructors have been providing professional performance based rescue and safety training for over 40 years and are international court-recognized subject matter experts.

All USA Rescue Network courses and programs meet and often exceed all applicable industry standards including:

Find out more about USA Rescue Network either by emailing Jim Lavalley or contacting us by telephone 1-800-663-8931

CHOOSE YOUR COURSE – “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND” a detailed brochure on how to best choose a particular course or course stream that is right for you or your agency. The Course Decision Guide will guide you through a process. Whether you are responsible for risk (safety/legal) operations (performance) or financial (cost/benefit) this guide will provide an overview of levels and course outcomes that you can review to determine what is best for you or your agency.

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