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Should we Act or React? How you come to the correct answer can be termed as: defensible risk management!

When an unplanned incident occurs and there are serious consequences, there are a number of ways we can respond. Whether in management, operations or training, there is pressure to do something; often to do something “NOW”!  
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Should we Act or React? 

An Action can be defined as: “a response to some issue or incident based on an objective decision.” An Action can also be based on a rational review of evidence and a fact-driven needs, task and risk analysis. From these considerations it can be expected that a rational, appropriate plan can be formed.

A Reaction can be defined as: “a response based on a subjective impulse.” A Reaction is often based on an emotional interpretation of the situation.

The time for a second sober thoughtcomes after an incident, irrespective of any short term opportunity, action or reaction to that incident.If you find you have to react it is best to try to take a moment. Think, Observe, Plan. What you do then becomes an ‘action‘ thus resulting in a more appropriate outcome.

To be prepared to Act instead of React you need to be prepared, knowledgeable and secure in your own ability to think, observe and plan.

These factors come with training and lots of practice. So,know your limits, work within them and keep training and practicing to become as proficient and knowledgeable as possible.


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